Consultancy & Advisory Services

Our professional consultants have extensive expertise in library and information service performance, development and benchmarking:

  • benchmarking library processes & outcomes
  • systems implementation & data conversion
  • electronic resource & digital assets management
  • technical services (acquisitions, cataloguing and processing), workflow analysis & evaluation
  • web design
  • efficiencies & cost savings

UNILINC has been commissioned to undertake a wide range of library reviews and benchmarking studies for national libraries and university, public and special libraries. A comprehensive list of our past consultancies is available for browsing.

Technical Services Evaluation

UNILINC has developed a methodology for reviewing workflows and policies based on over 30 years experience in assisting libraries achieve efficiencies in technical processes and evaluating and costing technical services.

The focus is best practice using a model developed by Rona Wade and Glenda Henderson. This model is derived from experience working with all types of libraries. By applying the model, the consultants have enabled libraries to reduce costs (by 50% in some cases) without sacrificing quality.

The substantial benefits are:

  • cost savings
  • quality
  • improved service
  • improved efficiency
  • continuous improvement
  • collaborative initiatives

Rona and Glenda have completed costings and reviewed processes for the following libraries:

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