Membership & Benefits

UNILINC is a cooperative that was formed to develop and operate a library network to facilitate resource sharing amongst libraries. Becoming a UNILINC member will provide high quality library and information services and promote access to academic library resources.

Use of the Shared System brings cost savings and service benefits to library operations including:

  • a reduced need for administrative tasks in the library
  • speedy throughput of new electronic and print resources for library users
  • full access to library holdings and e-resources
  • access to the UNILINC shared catalogue of over 2 million titles
  • access to the skills and experience of UNILINC staff
  • access to the advice and support of network members, which is of particular benefit to small libraries

Members also benefit from discounts on the whole range of services made available generally by UNILINC. These include but are not limited to:

  • library staffing and management
  • contract cataloguing and processing
  • training and staff development
  • consultancy services

Any organisation, that in the opinion of the Board of Directors of UNILINC promotes the purposes and interests of library service in higher education, may become a Member.

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Download the Membership Agreement here.

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